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I'm a Visual Effects Compositor with over 12 years of experience.
Currently based in London.

For the past several years I've been working at Framestore in the Film department.

In recent years I've predominantly focused on VFX work but I've had years of Commercials, Promos and Motion Grphics experience as well.

I've been doing VFX in some form or another since 1998 when I started working on 3D Max. With time I've gravitated more towards compositing work rather than actual 3D.

I currently use Nuke for compositing but I've used After Effects and Fusion heavily in the past as well.

I really enjoy learning new skills and techniques and I try to use any downtime I get to learn new things.

most recently I've been learning Houdini and Blender as tools to help me upgrade my comp work.

I've also been teaching VFX for years and have also written a book about After Effects in Hebrew.

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